Payment Methods

You can use any of the payment types listed below:
 1.  PayPal payment:
     PayPal is an online money transfer service. It is used worldwide for secure transactions over the Internet and is considered one of the most popular and secure payment methods. Payment via PayPal is effected under the strict conditions imposed by the trading company PayPal.    
 2.  Bank Transfer:
      Thetisswimwear.com offers you the option to pay through bank transfer. In order for your purchase to be complete, you will be asked to transfer the total amount to one of the following banks:
ALPHA BANK       116002002016440
 IBAN : GR8201401160116002002016440
PEIRAIOS BANK     5050072664626  
IBAN: GR0201720500005050072664626
EURO BANK       00260063460200620911
IBAN: GR7302600630000460200620911
The account number will appear on your screen after you select the desired bank. Products can be held for you up to 3 days until payment is received. After 3 days, the order will automatically be canceled.  Please note that, in case of transfer to a different bank, the sender is charged with the transfer fees.